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Hi there,

I am a new user so please excuse for asking relatively very basic question.

I have installed opencarp by pulling opencarp docker container. I am using docker on windows. As part of my first experiment of a single cell electrophysiology,  I tried to run 01_basic_bench experiments. The file runs fine. However once I try to run python - - visualize, the plot or visualization doesn't pop up. What possible mistake I am making ? Is the - - visualize parameter saving the plot some where else. If yes, then which folder is it saving to and how to access this folder in order to plot the graph?


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the --visualize flag in the experiments directly launches the visualization tool. For single cell experiments, this is matplotlib:

I don't think Docker provides a graphical interface off the shelf. What you could probably do is to change the output of matplotlib from on-screen rendering to output directly to a file. Alternatively, carputilsGUI provides a Docker-powered way to plot via the browser:
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Thanks Axel. Your answer helped. I mounted the working dir in docker. Now using a small matlab script to plot action potential

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