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Hi all, 

I have been trying to use openCarp's docker on Windows to do a Laplace Solve. I get the following error: 

Error: L5 : elliptic PDE (PETSc) solver diverged. Reason: -3

The same command seems to work on macOS and linux. Specifically, the command I'm running is as follows: 

docker run --rm --volume=D:/PATH/TO/FILES:/shared:z --workdir=/shared openCARP +F parameterFile.par -simID outputDirecrotyName 

I'd appreciate the help. In here, -3 seems to refer to running out of iterations before converging, but why then would it work on the other operating systems? Especially if I'm running openCarp through Docker! I'm happy to share the output I'm getting and any more information you might need. 

Many thanks, 


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