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I've been trying to create a custom S1-S2 protocol with a .trc file, but have been running into an "L4 : Warning: No potential or current stimuli found!" error, which I am not sure is caused by my .trc file or my stim[] definition.

Currently, my .trc file is simply:

0.00 0
0.20 52
0.40 52
0.60 52
0.80 52
1.00 0

And here is my stim[] definition:

vtx_file = #Path to .vtx here
ptcl_file = #Path to .trc here

load_ptcl = ['-num_stim', 1,
'-stim[0].pulse.file', ptcl_file,
'-stim[0].crct.type', 0
'-stim[0].elec.vtx_file, vtx_file]

I have not been including the stim[].pulse.strength and stim[].ptcl.start, duration, npls or stimlist options as they theoretically should be taken care of by the .trc file.

What would I need to add or fix in this case?

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You still need to define stim[].pulse.strength and stim[].ptcl.start, duration, npls or stimlist. The waveform only defines the shame of the pulse. The waveform is normalized and scaled by stim.pulse.strength. ptcl.start/duration/npls/bcl etc. define the instances where the pulse waveform is applied.

Best, Aurel
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