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I recently began simulations using an HPC (Graham cluster at Waterloo, ON, Canada). Opencarp and its dependencies are installed as verified by the support team.

My script runs the settings.execs.TUNECV to adjust conductances based on the conduction velocity I need. However, the second iteration of tuning produces an error.

When I encountered this error in a local machine, I would typically decrease the np values but as you can see in my current setting, it does not work with the HPC I'm trying to use.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this error?



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As tuneCV is performed on a small tissue slab, you should be able to do this on your local machine rather than the HPC system. Then you can transfer the resulting parameter values to your setup on the HPC system.

This doesn't solve the root cause but should allow you to run the experiments.
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Thank you, Axel.
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