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I would like to use mMS for my simulations, and I encountered the same issues as another posted question in this forum ( I folllowed the answer proposed by Axel Loewe, modifying the upper and lower bounds of V. However, when running, I run into the following error:

/openCARP/physics/limpet/models/ error: ‘LIMPET_CALLOC’ was not declared in this scope

  186 |     LIMPET_CALLOC(IF->sv_tab.y,1,sizeof(MitchellSchaeffer_state));

I get 3 output files:, MitchellSchaeffer.h, and, but not the .so, which is what I would need to run the modified model (from what I understood from the limpet example).

Thank you very much!


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Unfortunately you are running into a known bug (see this issue:

Until it is solved, you can try using an older version of openCARP (for example version 11.0:
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It was fixed in that commit, you should be able to run with the latest openCARP version.

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