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We are Itziar, Roger, and me, Clara, three students working on computational biomedical engineering and we are using the GUI that was developed for the OpenCARP (screenshot attached).
We are contacting you because we have some issues when running the first tutorial example "01 Basic Bench". It seems to be related to the numpy version (screenshot 2). It is weird because we have not found errors in the other examples but we found it in this one.
We would like to kindly ask you if you could give us some information related to this issue, such as if we could reach anyone in order to fix this, or if you had any idea. In fact, Clara, who was attending the academic workshop of OpenCARP in November, does not have this issue and it works well for her if she runs this example now. She compiled the gitlab version in november so probably the older version was working well, but maybe now there is a different version and it crashes (neither Roger or me could make it work, we installed this a couple days ago).
I hope our doubts are understood.
Thanks in advance for your help
Kind regards

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Hi Clara,

Unfortunately I cannot see the content of the screenshots. Can you copy the text output?

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