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Recently I've been trying to just get openCARP with carputils and meshalyzer working on windows 11. I've tried WSL but unfortunately something with the GLSL versions doesn't meet compatibility. Since downloading and installing the docker version via option 1 in INSTALLATION.MD i haven't really been able to figure out exactly how to use the installation. Going through option 2 I downloaded opencarp-master, and then ran into the following error message when running ./ through Git Bash as administrator.

$ ./ .

cp: target 'opencarp-docker' is not a directory

chmod: cannot access 'opencarp-docker': No such file or directory

mv: cannot stat 'opencarp-docker': No such file or directory

Failed. Please make sure you have permission to access .. (use sudo)

You can also manually copy the opencarp-docker script file to your path for binary files

If you have any ideas on this specific issue or experience working with openCARP on windows 11 please let me know, thanks-

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I could run this command properly on Windows 10, using Docker with the WSL 2 backend.

From which location in the file system are you running this command?

If you cannot resolve this issue, I invite you to use the Docker image with the Docker commands directly. A simple way to run the openCARP docker image is the following (in Git Bash for Windows).

Pull the latest openCARP Docker image:

docker pull

Run the image (the "winpty" command at the beginning is necessary for me in Git Bash, but shouldn't be used in another environment):

 winpty docker run -it

You should now be able to navigate inside the openCARP container. For example, to run the first tissue-level openCARP tutorial:

cd external/experiments/tutorials/02_EP_tissue/01_basic_usage/

python3 ./

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Although I managed to install the opencarp-docker command, I got another issue when running the opencarp-docker command in Git Bash. It is addressed here:
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I have a guess on the issue: does the path to the openCARP directory contain blank spaces?
That could be the issue: I fixed it in the installation script, so your issue could be fixed in the latest version of openCARP in the master branch.
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