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when trying to execute the tutorial "Basic single cell EP", I get the following error:

carputils.settings.exceptions.CARPUtilsMissingPathError: The path for LIMPETGUI was not found (/

Now I'm wondering whether I have to set the path to limpetgui in the bashrc or in the settings.yaml file? And is there a standard directory where limpetgui is installed and that I have to use for setting the path?

Thanks for your reply!


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Dear Claudia,

your environment variable CARPUTILS_SETTINGS is hopefully pointing to a settings.yaml file.

In this file you will find a line LIMPETGUI_DIR 

LIMPETGUI_DIR: </path-to>/limpetgui

which you need to correctly populate

Best wishes,
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Thank you Toni for the answer, that was helpful.
Is there a folder for limpetgui in the openCARP gitlab ( At least I couldn't find any and downloaded it from bitbucket.
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It's a public repo you may find here:
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