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I created a curved 3D mesh using matlab and extracted it into opencarp to run bidomain simulations. There are no problems using this mesh when monodomain simulation is selected. Unfortunately, when i try to run a bidomain simulation the following error occurs:

L5 : elliptic PDE (PETSc) solver diverged. Reason: -8.
Error: Results/tagging.mshz does not exist!

The used mesh is straight in the first part and I noticed that in this part the stimulus propagates as expected. However as soon as the stimulus reaches the curved part of the mesh, the solver diverges.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Nils,

You can try increasing the number of iterations of the elliptic solver by using an external file to define the options (ellip_options_file) by default PETSc solvers are used and an example of the files can be found in PETSc solver option files



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