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I was wondering how the sheet angle is defined in openCARP. I found in the documentation this:

sheet_endofloat, optional Set the sheet direction on the endocardium
sheet_epifloat, optional Set the shhet direction on the epicardium

but it is not clear to me what the sheet angle exactly is. Does it specify the angle the normal of the sheet makes with the horizontal plane of the endocardium/epicardium? Or is it the angle with the "z-axis"?

Do you maybe have a reference to a paper/drawing?

Thanks a lot for the information!

Kind regards


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Hi Aurel

To be 100% sure:

sheet_endo = - beta from the paper
sheet_epi = + beta defined in paper.

Am I correct?

Thank you a lot!


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Yes, the sheet angle beta is negative on the endo and positive on the epi.

Cheers, Aurel
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