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In the OpenCarp User Manual, the parameter --num=INT can be used to modify the number of cells in the bench simulation. How exactly are the multicell simulations run?

Do the cells act as a cable? Are they end to end and the output given by FOUT is the output of the final cell? Or does the integer entered (ex. 10) result in 10 cells all receiving the same stimulation?

Thanks so much for any information!

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Bench was created as a tool to run cellular simulations. It has many functionalities and of them is to execute a benchmark to analyse how does your cellular model performs before moving to a tissue simulation. The --num parameter is the number of cells that will be executed at the same time with the same parameters.


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I would like to run the basic bench experiment for 2 cells... is that possible? Do I have to add something to the code? I tried calling it from the command line using --num=2 but this message came up:
"error: unrecognized arguments: --num=2"

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