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hello every one i would like to know how i can make bench recognize my new model. i have recompiled opencarp with my new model GPVm as in the tutorial, the model was added as a plug-in in imp-list, when i compile  it with bench it was working but, when i wrote a script with the same bench command  or when i wanted to loaded it in tissue i got this error "Illegal IMP specified: GPVm", can someone help plaese! i mean :

bench -- imp GPVm : is working

but in script) i wrote this :cmd  = [settings.execs.BENCH,
                                                                     '--duration', args.duration,
                                                             '--stim-assign', 'on']

                                               cmd += ['--imp={}'.format(args.EP)] :

the output is: 

usr/local/bin/bench /usr/local/bin/bench \
  --duration 500 \
  --stim-assign on \
  --imp=GPVm \
  --stim-curr 30.0 \
  --numstim 2 \
  --bcl 500 \
  --dt 0.01 \
  --dt-out 0.1 \
  --save-ini-file \
  --save-ini-time 500 \
  --fout=exp_GPVm__bcl_500_ms_duration_500_ms/GPVm \
  --bin \

 then i got illegal imp

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It should work that way. Maybe you your script is looking for an older version of Bench that you may have in your system? Can you maybe attach some screenshots or a longer copy paste of the terminal? Can you make sure the bench you are calling in the terminal is the same than its called in carputils?

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You mention that you added your model as a plugin to imp_list.txt

Models are different from plugins. If you want to use your new model as a standalone model, you need to add it to imp_list.txt as a model and not as a plugin.
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But what should i do to add it as a model? i did every thing as in the vidéo tutorial, i mean my GPVm.model i add it in the file openCarp/ physics/ lipet/ models and i recompiled it, i was expected that the model will  be added in my models in imp-list but when i open the imp- list it was added as a plug- in so what can you advice me to  add it as a model but not as a plug- in ? In addition even when i use it as a plug-in in the script i still have the error "illegal plug-inGPVm"  but when i just use bench -- plug- in GPVm it is working what should i do to make it work when i run my script where i use bench commands?
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Models are identified by having a line

Iion = ...

in the .model file.
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Thank you a lot for your help, it works, for those who will have the same issu make sure that the openCarp and bench files in your usr/ local/ bin was renew after you recompile Opencarp
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