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I am trying to add a fibrotic region to the center of my tissue using a similar method as used in tutorial 21_reentry_induction. However i get the following warnings 

L3 : Region tag 2 in gregion_i[0] not found in element list for Intracellular domain grid.

L3 : Region tag 3 in gregion_i[1] not found in element list for Intracellular domain grid.

and the resulting mesh completely removes a subset of elements, rather than altering their conductance/ionic state.
My mesh is a 10x10x0.1mm block of 0.1mm resolution
I implement my ionic model as such:
imp_reg = ['-num_imp_regions', 1,
           '-imp_region[0].im', 'Courtemanche',
           '-imp_region[0].num_IDs', 1,
           '-imp_region[0].ID[0]', "1",
           '-imp_region[0].im_param', gNa]
And try to implement the change in conductance in fibrosis elements as below:
# Retag fibrotic elements

dyn_reg = ['-numtagreg', 2]
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'type', 4))
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'elemfile', f_fib))
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'tag', 2))
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'type', 4))
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'elemfile', f_slow_conductive))
dyn_reg.extend(tagregopt(1, 'tag', 3))

g_reg = ['-num_gregions', 2,
         '-gregion[0].num_IDs', 2,
         '-gregion[0].ID[0]', 1,
         '-gregion[0].ID[1]', 3, #3='normal' conducting element
         '-gregion[0].g_il', gi,
         '-gregion[0].g_it', gi,
         '-gregion[0].g_in', gi,
         '-gregion[0].g_el', ge,
         '-gregion[0].g_et', ge,
         '-gregion[0].g_en', ge,
         '-gregion[0].g_mult', gm_bl,
         '-gregion[1].num_IDs ', 1,
         '-gregion[1].ID[0]', 2, #2=non-conducting element
         '-gregion[1].g_il ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_it ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_in ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_el ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_et ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_en ', 0.0000001,
         '-gregion[1].g_mult', gm_bl]
After creating element files 'f_fib' and 'f_slow conductive' (i haven't added in changes to imp for the fibrotic region for the moment). The two element files look like they have been created successfully. But yes, i end up with a mesh where a subset of the elements in the fibrotic region are completely removed, rather than having their conductance changed.
Any tips or help would be grealty appreciated!

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Could you please provide more information of your parameter.par file? What is the fiber direction of these regions? What are the physics regions defined in your experiment?


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HI Jorge,

In gathering the information to respond I realized I made a simple mistake and simply used the original mesh, and not the retagged mesh, in the simulation. Thanks for your help!

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