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This is the tutorial  video example from "Intoduction to cellular simulations", I got the error: 

  File "", line 127, in run


AttributeError: 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'imp'

Here is part of that code, can any one help to answer? thanks!

def parser():
parser = tools.standard_parser()
group = parser.add_argument_group('experiment specific options')
group.add_argument('--ionic_model', default='TT2',
choices=['TT2', 'Courtemanche', 'HH'],
help='pick ionic model')
type=float, default=1000.,
help='Duration of simulation (ms)')
type=float, default=60.,
help='pick transmembrane current stimulus strength')
type=float, default=2.,
help='pick transmembrane current stimulus duration')
return parser
def jobID(args):
Generate name of top level output directory.
today =
return '{}_basic_{}'.format(today.isoformat(), args.duration)
@tools.carpexample(parser, jobID)
def run(args, job):
# define & config EP model
cmd = [settings.execs.BENCH,
if args.imp_par is not '':
cmd += ['--imp-par', args.imp_par]
if args.plug_in is not '':
cmd += ['--plug-in', args.plug_in]
if args.plug_par is not '':
cmd += ['--plug-par', args.plug_par]
# setup stimulus
cmd += ['--stim-curr', args.stim_strength,
'--numstim', int(float(args.duration)/float(args.bcl)+1),
'--bcl', args.bcl,
'--stim-assign', 'on',
'--stim-species', 'K_i']
# run bench with available ionic models
cmd += ['--duration', args.duration]
# executing bench
job.mpi(cmd, 'Running {}'.format(args.imp))
if args.visualize:
visualization(args. job.ID)
if __name__ == '__main__':

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It's hard to see from your screenshot but my guess would be that you have a line break between

cmd = [settings.execs.BECH,



these should be in one line. In the video tutorial this is likely a line wrap rather than a line break.

If this is not the issue, please share a minimum example to reproduce.

Another thing to be aware of: the names of the ionic have changed since openCARP v9.0. You'll need to use the new names to make your example work:

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