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Hello, I tried to run the python script from the workflow example video but am getting the following error:

L2 : Output directory exists: 2023-12-05_basic_1000.0

L4 : Warning: No physics region defined! Please set phys_region parameters to correctly define physics.

L4 : IntraElec and ExtraElec domains will be derived from fibers.

L1 : Warning: Legacy stimuli defined. Please consider switching to stimulus definition "stim[]"!

Error: could not open file: project.elem. Aborting!

Error: could not open file: project.lon. Aborting!

    *** Processing meshes ***

Reading reference mesh: project.*

I checked the output files and the meshes created using the script are all called block.* whereas the simulation appears to be looking for scripts called project.*

I know this should be a simple fix but I don't know how to change the name of the output file/tell the simulation to look for a different name.  

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Could you please provide your Python script so that I can try to reproduce your error?
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#Workflow example#

import os

GUIinclude = True

from datetime import date

from carputils import settings

from carputils import tools

from carputils import mesh

from carputils import testing

from carputils import ep

from carputils.carpio import txt

from carputils.mesh import Block, generate

import numpy as np

from numpy import array as nplist

def parser():

    parser = tools.standard_parser()

    group  = parser.add_argument_group('experiment specific options')

    group.add_argument('--ionic model',

                        type = str,

                        default = 'courtemanche',

                        choices = ['tenTusscherPanfilov','HodgkinHuxley', 'DifrancescoNoble'],

                        help = 'pick ionic model, use bench to list options')


                        type = str,

                        default = 'monodomain',

                        choices = ['monodomain','bidomain'],

                        help = 'Pick a domain model, mono- or bi- (default: monodomain)')


                        type = float,

                        default = 1000.,

                        help = 'Duration of simulation in [ms] (default: 1000.)')


                        type = float,

                        default = 30.,

                        help = 'pick transmembrane current stimulus strength in [uA/cm^2] = [pA/pF] considering fixed Cm (default: 30.)')


                        type = float,

                        default = 2.,

                        help = 'pick transmembrane current stimulus duration in [ms] (default: 2.)')

    return parser

#Execution and file outputs

def jobID(args):

    today =

    return '{}_basic_{}'.format(today.isoformat(), args.duration)

@tools.carpexample(parser, jobID)

def run(args, job):

    #Define the mesh#

    x = 5.0

    y = 5.0

    z = 1.0

    res = 0.1

    #Defining the mesh, give it a centre, sizes in each dimension, a resolution and a mesh type

    geom = mesh.Block(centre = (0.0,0.0,0.0), size = (x,y,z), resolution = res, etype = 'tetra')

    #Define regions within the mesh

    reg1 = mesh.BoxRegion((-x/2,-y/2,-z/2), (0, y/2, z/2), tag = 10)


    reg2 = mesh.BoxRegion((0,-y/2,-z/2), (x, y/2, z/2), tag = 11)


    #shifts origin to the bottom left corner


    #sets fibres


    meshname = mesh.generate(geom)

     # query for element tags

    _, etags,_ = + '.elem')

    etags = np.unique(etags)

    IntraTags = etags[etags != 0]   # element labels for extracellular grid

    ExtraTags = etags.copy()        # element labels for intracellular grid

    #Defining ionic models and conductivities for each region#

    #ionic models

    imp_reg = ['-num_imp_regions', 2,

               '-imp_region[0].im', 'courtemanche',


               '-imp_region[0].ID[0]', "10"

               '-imp_region[1].im', "courtemanche",

               '-imp_region[1].im_param', "g_Kr*2.,g_Ks*2.",


               '-imp_region[1].ID[0]', "11"


    g_reg = ['-num_gregions', 2,

             '-gregion[0].num_IDs', 1,

             '-gregion[0].ID[0]', 10,

             '-gregion[0].g_il', 0.174,

             '-gregion[0].g_it', 0.174,

             '-gregion[0].g_in', 0.174,

             '-gregion[0].g_el', 0.625,

             '-gregion[0].g_et', 0.625,

             '-gregion[0].g_en', 0.625,

             '-gregion[1].num_IDs', 1,

             '-gregion[1].ID[0]', 11,

             '-gregion[1].g_il', 0.074,

             '-gregion[1].g_it', 0.074,

             '-gregion[1].g_in', 0.074,

             '-gregion[1].g_el', 0.025,

             '-gregion[1].g_et', 0.025,

             '-gregion[1].g_en', 0.025]

    #Defining the stimulus#

    #Electrode definition

    E1_lower_bound = nplist([ 0, 0, z])

    E1_upper_bound = nplist([ 2*res, 2*res, z])

    electrode = mesh.block_region(geom, 'stimulus', 0, E1_lower_bound, E1_upper_bound, False)

    electrode = electrode

    stim = ['num_stim', 1,

            '-stimulus[0].stimtype', 0,

            '-stimulus[0].strength', 2500.0,

            '-stimulus[0].duration', 2.0,

            '-stimulus[0].start', 0,

            '-stimulus[0].npls', 1]

    #Define simulator outcomes#

    # Gives model type options

    Src = ep.model_type_opts(args.sourceModel)

    #dt gives time resolution for calculations, spacedt  gives the interval for which values are written out timedt givs interval for the command line to give updates

    num_par = ['-dt', 100]

    I0_par = ['spacedt', 0.1,

              'timedt', 5.0]

    #The command line inputs

    cmd = tools.carp_cmd()

    cmd += imp_reg

    cmd += g_reg

    cmd += stim + electrode

    cmd += num_par

    cmd += I0_par

    cmd += Src

    simID = job.ID

    cmd += ['meshname', meshname,

            '-tend', args.duration,

            '-simID', simID]

    if args.visualize:

        cmd += ['gridout_i', 4,

                'gridout_e', 4]


if __name__ ==  '__main__':

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