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Hello, I have been having difficulty generating custom models for use with the --load-module argument in bench.

As some background, I installed the most recent openCARP installation package on a linux subsystem for windows and have been successfully running bench experiments with the preexisting models. In trying to follow along with the examples (e.g. the 04_limpet_fe example), I'd like to be able to convert a custom .model file that I've created in easyML to a .so file that can be loaded as a module in bench. However, the example references a script "" and some python code "", neither of which I can find within the downloaded file directory. Likewise, the command "limpet_fe" referenced in example 05_easyml is unrecognized. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I appreciate your help in advance,


Rick C

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Hi Rick,

the files are located in physics/limpet/src/ and physics/limpet/src/python/

I've updated the example documentation to include this info:

We'll check if the scripts can be linked to the bin directory for the future.


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Hi both,

the source compilation does move these files into the bin folder. This may have been forgotten in the docker/rpm/deb installers.

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