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I installed Opencarp on our HPC following the install from sources section and enabling the build external flag. When I try to generate the dynamic model with, I have the following error:

rds/general/user/ccorrad1/home/models/ionic_model/ error: #error "Could not generate method mMSIonType::compute."
  111 | #     error "Could not generate method mMSIonType::compute."
      |       ^~~~~

and the .so file is not generated (all the others: .h, .cc  and are generated). On my desktop machine, where I installed carp from binaries, I'm able to build the dynamic model.

How can I fix this?




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If it only shows up on the HPC machine, we'll need some more information about the differences between your local build and the one on the HPC system.

- Operating system

- Compiler used

- openCARP version/commit
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on my desktop machine:
- OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
- opencarp: installed from binaries (version 11):
openCARP -buildinfo
GIT tag:              v11.0
GIT hash:             fd8419d5c7649060c9447adf2dbee1723a8af9db
GIT repo:   

on the hpc.

- compiler: gcc 11.3.0
- opencarp: installed from sources on the git repository.
openCARP -buildinfo
GIT tag:              v13.0-40-g83f67f9a
GIT hash:             83f67f9a4821351ec75ab604b4f973217bb8925c
GIT repo:   
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Should I only do git pull and then recompile?
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I assume you need to checkout to the said commit by:
git checkout 3b67fa0788dfce82aedc91ac4d9c27427bec979b
and recompile the version of the software from there.
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