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I am a biomedical engineering student in Federal University of ABC (Brazil) and I'm starting a research project with professor João Sallinet. I have no previous experience in simulation programming but I (we, actually) would like to start learning about openCARP, for using it later on. 
That said, I would like to know if anyone has any really basic material to get to know the platform and do some very basic stuff, just to start to get familiar with it. 
I've seen the video tutorials on the openCARP website, but I was hoping for something even more beginner-level. [I am not even sure where to go to write code] 
Any information would be very helpful and appreciated. I look forward to joining the openCARP community!
Best regards,
Maria Eduarda 

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Hi Maria,

It seems that our examples are the thing you are looking for. You can play around with each example to adjust parameters. You can also inspect the scripts to see what's going on under the hood and start building your own simulation with one of the examples as starting point. 

The installation is detailed on the webpage: Installation



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