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I have a similar problem to

It looks like ccmake wants a cmake config file for glew, but I could not find it anywhere after installing glew(both with apt and building from source with custom install directories). I asked ccmake to look in the glew install directory but still was not able to find it. 

What is exactly the file that ccmake wants? I was not able to find a .cmake file.

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I assume that CMake is complaining about not finding GLEW_DIR. You can define it manually by passing -DGLEW_DIR=/path/to/glew to cmake/ccmake.

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Unfortunately, ccmake still can't find glew after manually passing in /PATH/TO/GLEW..I will note that I have tried installing glew both with apt and from source, so I'm pretty sure I'm passing in the correct installation path.

If you installed glew with default options, where would the cmake file live?
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FindGLEW.cmake is shipped with cmake and not with glew.

If cmake is complaining about not finding this file, the problem is likely in your cmake installation rather than in glew.

Please add your cmake call and the error message to your post.
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Hi Axel,

I apologize for the late fact I have been using ccmake, so there is no other call than "ccmake ." (I am not using cmake at the moment because the compiler complains about clock skew, which is a separate issue)

I have been able to find FindGLEW.cmake in usr/share/cmake-3.16/Modules, but ccmake is still unable to detect this when I pass in this directory.

For reference, I am using WSL2 with Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest version of Meshalyzer from Github.
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ccmake is just an interactive interface to cmake. Thus, I assume that it won't properly if cmake is not working properly on your machine. In general, this issue looks like there is something wrong with your cmake installation as cmake should be aware of the Find*.cmake files that come with it.

Just to make sure, I guess you are using the latest version from and not Github?
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Yes, I am using the latest version pulled from that repository(per the Meshalyzer installation instructions). I will try reinstalling cmake and get back to you. Thanks.
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