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I am reading the openCARP manual and in the section with the parameters to define an stimulus there are two options to define the stimulus, namely using the stimulus[] and stim[] clases and there is a comment saying

!!!!The stimulus[] parameter was declared legacy. Please use stim[] !!!

But how do you use the attributes of the stim[] class to define an stimulus? no information is provided anywhere and in the openCARP examples only the stimulus[] class is used. Can you provide an example of how to use the stim[].crct,  stim[].elec,  stim[].ptcl and  stim[].pulse parameters?

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There is an issue with outputting these parameters to the help files. For details, see here.

Currently, the best way to access this documentation is the source code, unfortunately:

Stim describe in line 402ff

Its substructures in the lines above (up to line 112)

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Now the documentation (web page and PDF) also shows the details of the stim subfields.
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