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I tried to use .vtx file defining stimulus points for 22_simple code, but met the error below:


L5 : error: Empty stimulus[0] electrode def! Aborting!


Could you provide some suggestions about this? Thank you so much!

To reproduce the experiment, the modification would be:

1. create `stim.vtx`, where points 0, 1, 21, 126 are left bottom corner mesh for the block defined in 22_simple experiment.









2. modify the ``


stim = ["-num_stim", 1,

            "-stimulus[0].vtx_file", "path/to/stim.vtx"]



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You can find an example how to use the vtx file here:

In general it's a good idea to search the Q2A for related questions.
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Thank you so much! It turns out that my IntraTags leave out related regions. I fixed the bug by adding IntraTags. vtx file itself is not a problem.

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Could you be more specific on how did you fixed this issue? I am having a similar problem and cannot really find the problem. Thank you.
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