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I have two questions about this experiment.

In the experiment, you used a variable `stimcurr` for testing the threshold of single cell activation. Then you multiplied this `stimcurr` by 2 to run bench with restitution file. My question is why increasing `stimcurr`?

My second question is when I ran this experiment with `S1S2` protocol and tried to read a stabilized AP setting with bash command `./ --initial True`, an error occurd "bench: unrecognized option `--initial'". Since I didn't find any information about `--initial` in the OpenCARP manual, I have no clue to get an initial state vector representing limit cycle for chosen BCL. Could you tell me how to fix this issue?

Thanks again for your suggestions!



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The --initial flag was not working. This was fixed in the latest commit. You can generate an initial state vector by using --save-time and --save-file when calling bench. See the bench help for --restore for more details.

Regarding the second question, the loop starting in line 334 increases the stimulus current until an action potential is generated (see rheobase for details). Then this current is doubled to be safely above the stimulation threshold when performing the restitution experiment.

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