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When setting an ionic model, I cannot manage to set the modified MitchellSchaeffer with

imp_region[0].im               = "mMS"

I get the error:

Setting up ionic models and plugins


Assigning IMPS to tagged regions:

L5 : Illegal IM specified: MS

However, I can specify other models such as COURTEMANCHE okay.


Although the source code for openCARP contains this model, does the respective .model file need to be adapted as suggested on and ?


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also, the file "openCARP/physics/limpet/src/ION_IF.h" seems to be missing (and seems to be in the .gitignore), which might make it impossible to follow the instructions for generating a shared object model file in the way explained in the links above...

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Hi Sam,

In commit 38d4d442f35e9e4f5e0f635aa14f6f7a8348e43c mMS was added to the imp_list.txt. You can now download the source where was added. Regarding ION_IF.h, this is a file which is created during compilation for that reason you will not find this file in the repository.


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Hi Jorge,

Thanks for the information, this is very helpful!

Best regards
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