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Having an external mesh of the heart, how can I add a bath around it? I would like to define a region outside (so around the heart) and also one inside (in the cavities or the chambers of the heart). I would like those to be different.

I have the feeling I should use meshtool for this in combination with dynamic tagging?

Is it possible to rename tags?

Thank you very much!


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Hi Lore,

You can create a box that contains your heart geometry and extract the faces of the box. Using the extracted surface mesh of the box you can use mesh tool with the mode generate mesh to create a volumetric mesh around your heart geometry with the appropriate tags.


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Thank you for the information. I asked a question again but ended up finding the answer that was pretty obvious. I don't know how to remove comments.
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Sorry, I ended up finding the solution. I had to specify the output format -ofm=carp_bin. This generated *.surfmesh.belem file that seems to do the trick.
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