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Is there a way to resample an existing opencarp mesh using meshtool (in the specific case I just want to obtain a simpler mesh starting from the block you can find in many openCARP examples)? I saw some examples on the meshtool documentation, but since meshes provided by openCARP are composed by different file formats (.elem, .pts and .lon for fibers), while meshtool examples process only a single file, I cannot understand how to perform the task.

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If your meshes are in the openCARP file format (.elem, .pts, and .lon) you don't need to provide an extension in meshtool just the to the file or the name of the mesh (depending on your current working directory). Looking at the example provide in the meshtool website:

meshtool resample surfmesh -msh=TBC.surfmesh -min=500 -surf_corr=0.95

In this case you will resample the mesh called TBC.surfmesh. Please notice that TBC.surfmesh is the name of the mesh and in this case you will have three files in your folder TBC.surfmesh.elem, TBC.surfmesh.pts, and TBC.surfmesh.lon.

I hope this helps!


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This is exactly what I needed, thank you very much!
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