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Hi, I have been trying to Ellipsoid mesh, these are the code I am using,

geom = mesh.Ellipsoid.with_resolution(505, tetrahedrise=False) or geom = mesh.Ellipsoid(r_a, r_b, r_c)

However, I don't see a mesh file created, I tried to use this code:

meshname = mesh.generate(geom)

Yet it says that it only supports Block meshes. Is there another function for creating the Ellipsoid mesh?

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Not directly within carputils as far as I know. I see how this could be useful, though. A code contribution or also a feature request are welcome.
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Thank you for clearing that up. Since directly within carputils is impossible, are there other methods I could use? Also, how should I make a feature request?
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You could use any meshing software like for example Gmsh:

This page details how to make contributions to openCARP including feature requests:
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I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to easily create an ellipsoid and other geometries. You can then export it to a mesh format that you can convert to openCARP format using meshtool (provided by openCARP). You only have to be careful with the units, but you can always scale it up or down using meshtool as well.
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