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I have previously been using an older version of openCARP, and decided to update to the newest version. After updating, it appears as though the "blf_i_Kur" variable no longer exists for the Courtmanche ionic model. I need to change this parameter for my model to work properly. Was this variable renamed to something different, or has it been removed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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consult the documentation and release notes for each version of openCARP to ensure that any changes are properly accounted for in your simulations.

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This was just a multiplication factor to the IKur current. You can achieve the same effect by multypling GKur with the desired value (for example --imp-par="GKur*0.4" instead of setting blf_i_Kur to 0.4). 

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I don't see a variable "GKur" in the Courtemanche model, but I do see "factorGKur".  I'm assuming that "factorGKur" is equivalent to the "blf_i_Kur" parameter. Is that true?
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Yes, that's correct.
GKur exists in the model but is not exposed to the commandline by default due to its formulation:
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