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Hi, I'm trying to define heterogeneous conductivity on a monodomain model (no extracellular domain; no bath). I've seen there is the option -gi_scale_vec that allows us to adjust the conductivities elementwise.

I have the following questions about this option:

  • Does this define the conductivity value? Or a scalar map that multiplies the conductivity?
  • If it is a scalar map, How can I define the reference conductivity? e.g., can I use the g_regions and gi_scale_vec together?
  • Is it possible to change also the anisotropy using scale_vec? Or this scales the longitudinal and transverse conductivities by the same value?
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Yes, you are intended to use gregions together with the scale_vec, since they are combined multiplicatively. This still allows you to set the values with the scale vec, as the other factor can be a constant 1.

Currently, we are scaling all directions by the same value (feedback on that is appreciated). Expanding that to 3 dpn would be trivial on the simulator side, but would make the generation of the scaling field more complicated.

Best, Aurel
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