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When using tuneCV, a conductivity value for intracellular, extracellular and monodomain are given. When running a monodomain simulation, should I enter the intra- and extracellular values by gregion[].g_i and g_e or is should I enter g_m somewhere else?

Also, g_m is calculated using (g_i*g_e)/(g_i+g_e). Does this mean that the ratio between g_i and g_e is not taken into account at all when running in monodomain? Or is it possible to modify the alpha in the g_i = alpha*g_e simplification? I am asking as in pathology, it might be that the intracellular conductivity changes where the extracellular stays the same, changing the ratio between those two.

Thank you!

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Yes, please set gregion[].g_i and g_e. The g_m value is just displayed by tuneCV as further information.

Best, Aurel
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In the monodomain setting, there is only one conductivity.

In openCARP the monodomain conductivity is computed according to the g_i and g_e values you provide. However, it does not make a difference which values g_i and g_e have specifically as long as (g_i*g_e)/(g_i+g_e) stays the same.

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