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I am trying to import an EP model into a tissue simulation in carpentry (e.g. the EM_coupling tutorial example). However, the import isn't accepted.

The model is an edited version of TT2.model. I have produced the "TT2_Cai.model" file and used openCARP to generate the corresponding shared object (""). In openCARP, I have also used bench to test the model output - this gives the result I expected, so the model seems to be written correctly. I then try to import the model into carp. If I include the command-line parameters:
imps += [‘-num_external_imp’ , 1,  ‘-external_imp[0]‘, ‘/home/al12/Carp/tutorials/04_EM_tissue/04_EM_coupling/’]
This gives the following error message:
carpentry: double init_electrics(Electrics*, TimerObj*, double, double, Mapping*): Assertion `load_ionic_module(param_globals::external_imp[ii])' failed.
The file is located in the correct path, but this error happens even without actually using the imported model (i.e., even when using the original imps += [ '-imp_region[0].im', 'TT2']) . If I comment out the above line, the simulation proceeds normally. This suggests that carp is not managing to load the model in the first place.

- Am I using the correct syntax?
- Might the problem come from using a .so file generated in openCARP in a carpentry tissue simulation?
- Might there be a version incompatibility?

Thank you.

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Hi Alex! openCARP shared libraries cannot be used in CARPentry as they are binary incompatible.
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