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I have modified a stress model plugin (LandStress.model) and would like to import it into CARPentry. Following the tutorial "Basic usage of code generation tool", I have generated the corresponding "MyLandStress.c" and "" files. I then tried to import the new model using a line syntax of the form:

./ --load-module ./ --EP TT2 --Stress MyLandStress    etc.

but I get an error "Illegal plugin specified". Is this not the correct way to import the model?



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Hi Alex,

Do you try to load a plugin to an ionic model in your setup (either the adapted MyLandStress or other IMPs that might be used in your setting)?
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Hi Axel,
Yes, my code generates the carp command with the arguments:

-imp_region[0].im TT2 \
-imp_region[0].plugins LandStress_Cai_lambda \

Should this not be enough to read the plugin?
The simulation I'm trying to run is a modified version of the "04 EM coupling" tutorial. I just want to substitute LandStress_Cai_lambda for LandStress . I've already modified the section on line 240:
group.add_argument('--Stress', default='TanhStress',
                        choices=['LandStress','TanhStress', 'LandStress_Cai_lambda'],
                        help='pick stress model')
but still there seems to be a problem at execution.
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Please try providing an absolute path to the shared-object you generated. E.g.:

./ --load-module /path/to/ --EP TT2 --Stress MyLandStress

Cheers, Aurel
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