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Hi, I am running the script of the 21_reentry_induction example. I'd want to verify if the reentry is still maintained after more than 1.5 seconds, but I have tried to see if it is possible to increase the duration of the simulation (that is 500 ms now) and I cannot find any solutions to do that. Is this possible?

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Hi there,

In the protocols, the reentry duration is hardcoded to induce reentry. In the tutorial example, depending on the protocol you are using, you will invoke the function model.induceReentry.RP_B/RP_E/PEERP on lines 573, 580, and 587. These functions can be found in the carputils repository at this link: To locate where in the code the reentry duration is defined, you can search for the parameter '--tend.' Typically, the input for this parameter follows the format startS2+some value. You'll need to modify these lines accordingly. The next steps depend on how you have installed your caputils.

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