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I am comparing different cardiac electrophysiology solvers in terms of efficiency, and though the Init/Compute/Output/ times for Electrics and Myocard Ionics are useful, I would be interested in knowing more specific timings, such as time spent on assembly, linear solvers, ODEs and so on. Is there any options or commands that can provide this, or is it something that would have to be changed in the source code?

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Myocard Ionics time is the ODE compute time.

In the simulation output directory, there are the files par_stats.dat (parabolic solver statistics) and if bidomain = 1 also ell_stats.dat (elliptic solver statistics). Further there is the file electrics.log which should have some info on the assembly time.

If you set -output_level 5 (currently the largest output level) you will get some additional partitioning info on the terminal output.

That is about all the data that you can get from openCARP out-of-the box.

Cheers, Aurel
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