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In the tutorials on ECG and extracellular potentials, meshalyzer is called and the block geometry is rendered. In a separate meshalyzer call, the "ecg.pts" geometry is called. My question is whether it is possible to add the ecg points to the block geometry in order to visualize the location of the electrodes with respect to the medium?

When I attempt this, I get a segmentation fault and meshalyzer crashes or I get the message that it is incompatible.

Thank you a lot and great tutorial!


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Hello Lore,

Sorry for the delayed answer. We have checked and are aware of this issue. At the moment it is not possible to show both in meshalyzer without creating auxiliary meshes and extra files. If you want more information on this you can check the meshalyzer manual which is in its repository. However, we are working on a solution to create all the files needed automatically. You can follow this issue here:



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