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I am trying to prepace a 3D model using the prepacing_lats, prepacing_beats, and prepacing_bcl options. Based on the tutorials, it looks like I need to construct an LAT data file from a separate experiment before I can prepace a model.

Let's say that I want to prepace the model for 40 beats. To me, the most accurate way seems to be using the 40th beat for computing the LATs...but that would defeat the purpose of prepacing in the first place. However, if I only use the 1st beat for computing the LATs, this would likely yield inaccurate LAT data, as my cell model has weird APDs due to initial AP artifacts. 

What would be a sensible way to set up the separate experiment for obtaining the LAT data?(I'm not confused on the openCARP commands, but on the methodology itself.) 

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Normally, the prepacing shouldn't affect conduction velocity a lot. Thus, you can compute an LAT map with the default initial values and then use the LAT prepacing with (for example) 40 beats:

Side note: can you fix the "initial AP artifacts" by providing limit cycle state variables as initial state in the .model file?
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