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Hello- I was trying to set up openCARP by running the example projects, when I ran into some issues with --visualize.

  • carputils.settings.exceptions.CARPUtilsMissingPathError: 
    • The path for MESHALYZER was not found (/mnt/c/Users/brayd/..Projects\ -\ Python/meshalyzer)
  • I'm running openCARP through WSL on windows 11
  • This is from my settings.yaml
    • MESHALYZER_DIR: /mnt/c/Users/brayd/..Projects\ -\ Python
  • I built meshalyzer from source (

Any help or ideas would be appreciated, thank you!

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It seems that the path /mnt/c/Users/brayd/..Projects\ -\ Python/meshalyzer cannot be accessed from within your python environment. I'm not sure how paths are handled within WSL. Can you check whether you can list the files in the directorie(s)?

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Ahhh, so the directory is from the reference of the python file, not the config file. I should probably change the settings.yaml to (C:/Users/brayd etc.) instead of (/mntc/ etc.) because the python file isn't within the WSL.

Thank you!
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However I am having a bit of trouble doing this, when I change the settings.yaml to

MESHALYZER_DIR: C:/Users/brayd/..Projects\ -\ Python

for some reason it interprets that directory as /path/to/settings.yaml/C:/Users/ etc. which of course doesn't exist

Would you have any idea on how to reference the C drive directly?
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Alright I figured it out by just moving my meshalyzer into the /usr/local/meshalyzer/ where it expects it to be, however I run into issues where it says permission denied even though i run the command with sudo
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  chmod +x /usr/local/meshalyzer

(or wherever your meshalyzer binary is located)
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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly- I can't find the meshalyzer binary, I looked through here and don't see any binary named meshalyzer
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The repository does not contain a binary.
The release page contains binaries. You might be able to use the appimage in WSL. Alternatively, there is also a native Windows binary.
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Yeah the issue is that i have the app image installed and can use it by running the file, but anytime i run a python script with --visualize it doesn't use the AppImage, it looks in /usr/local/meshalyzer
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Hi there, I am having a similar issue using Docker containers. Did you happen to solve the issue by any chance?
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