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I am hoping to understand how to use the "prepacing" option (whereby cell states are initialized respecting a provided LAT sequence) in the case of heterogeneous tissue. I have understood how to do this for the case of homogeneous tissue.

In particular, for the mMS model, I have defined adjustments for the cell model using an adjustments file, which defines cell model parameters for the mesh nodes.

If I understand correctly, the prepacing option uses the cell model in "imp_region[]" for prepacing, but for heterogeneous tissue defined using adjustments files, what parameters would the the cell model have in this case?

I have defined only a single imp_region (with multiple IDs), so I assume that the prepacing is only done for this single imp_region (with the default model parameters?) ? Might it be better for me to instead define many different imp regions, each with a single ID, so that prepacing might be done for each imp_region? Even so, I am still unsure how the prepacing would respect the adjustments made to the cell model with the adjustment file.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Sam,

Tissue ionic models and properties are assign by regions. Prepacing will affect the ionic model that is assign to a specific region. Using the adjustment file you can modified specific parameters of the cell but not assign an initial condition (saved state). Prepacing will not respect the adjustment file but use the information given in the region definition.


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