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I have been trying to compute the LAT map for a mesh with some infarct regions in it. When trying to construct the LAT map, this leads to -1's being written for these regions because they never depolarize.

When I try to load in the LAT map for prepacing, the -1's in the LAT file cause this error:

L3 : LAT data is not complete. Skipping prepacing.

If I would like to keep the prepacing, what would be the best way to address this issue? I have personally thought of just changing all the -1's to 0's, but am wondering if there is a better workaround.

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when dealing with non-depolarizing regions in the LAT map, it is important to consider how they will affect different stages of the simulation, such as construction of the LAT map and prepacing. One possible solution is to replace invalid values with a default value while keeping in mind potential impacts on accuracy.

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What's your opinion on how prepacing should be considered in these cells? No prepacing at all?
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