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Hi all, 

I am  trying to generate simulations using the Aliev-Panfilov model, which includes 2 main variables - voltage (V) and another non-physical variable, W. When running the model, we only obtain igb file with voltages. Is there a way to extract W from the simulation? It looks like we can use gvec parameter in the parameter file, but it's not clear how to get the full list of relevant names of variables and precise commands. 

Can anyone please provide an example for extracting variables (such as W, gate variable and so on) in the AlievPanfilov as well as other ionic models?

I would be grateful. 

Best wishes

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Yes, it should work with gvec. If you want to output for your first imp region:

num_gvecs =  1

gvec[0].imp = 'AlievPanfilov'

gvec[0].ID[0] = 'W'

gvec[0].name = 'states'

However, the Aliev Panfilov model as implemented doesn't hold a state variable W.

bench --imp=AlievPanfilov --imp-info

You'd have to add it to the .model file and then recompile to be able to use and output it:

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