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i was trying to do the example number 6 (conversion of a cellMll model to a easyml) but when i typed this command:  luo_rudy_1994.cellml > luo_rudy_1994.model

i got this error: command not found

but the luo_rudy_1994.model file was created.

i typed the second command: luo_rudy_1994.model

i got this error: Use /usr/local/bin/ <.model file> <path of imp_list.txt> <imp source dir> Build openCARP (LIMPET) C++ code from EasyML .model files

i do not understand what it is asking me to do if someone can explain me in my docker contener how can i reach this path (/usr/local/bin/ <.model file> <path of imp_list.txt> <imp source dir>)

i found and in my docker flask container in this path: /openCARP/ physics/limpet/src/python

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Hi Igniole,

Seeing that you mention flask I assume you are running carputilsGUI? carputilsGUI is supposed to be a tool for starters to run some of the examples in a web-based environment. Building new ionic models is not supported from the web-based GUI.

If you want to compile new ionic models, then installation from source is the best option:

As you identified correctly, is located in the subfolder physics/limpet/src/python of the openCARP repository. Calling it with the full path will solve the issue. We've added this to the documentation of this example:

A version of the luo_rudy_1994.model file is already shipped with the experiment, that's probably what you see. 

Also for, you need to provide the full path if the folder \$openCARProot/physics/limpet/src/python is not in your $PATH.



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