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I have increased tend in the parameters.par file to try and increase the time of my simulation. However, despite doubling tend, the simulation still only runs for 500 frames. I have also tried to change bcl in the script but that has also not helped. What is the proper way to increase the time of the simulation for example 21?



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The carputils function model.induceReentry.*() does stop after a predefined time to check whether reentry was induced successfully. Search for tend in to see what's going on. You can use the statefile that's being saved to continue the simulation then.

This could indeed be described more clearly in the carputils documentation of this function and the experiment. I'll ask Luca, the author of these function, what he can do.

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I just modified the tend in the PSD protocol section of the script and the simulation time still remains 500 frames despite me changing the tend parameter to 1000.1 from 500.1. Do you have any additional insight about what may be causing this error?
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Please share the generated .par file and the call to openCARP
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