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I am working on tissue heterogeneity and would like to add conductivity values per node rather than per tag region. I saw the -adjustment option but this seems to only accept ionic modifications by means of an input file. Is it possible to do something similar for conductivity values?

Thank you!

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Sorry, nodal conuctivities are currently not supported and would require significant effort to implement.

The closest thing to what you are suggesting, are the -gi_elem_vec and -ge_elem_vec options where you can pass (per-element) scaling vectors that will be applied to the intra- and extra-cellular conductivites.

This still allows for complex conductivity gradients, but defined on the elements not the nodes.

Best, Aurel
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Hi , Thanks for this earlier answer. I was going through  the example titled , Concept: regions vs. gradients (  The example has been very well explained and i have been able to run the file too but what i really want to implement is a gradient of conductivities instead of a gradient of ionic cellular parameters (I want to prescribe a gradient of conductivity instead of regions of conductivities)

Can you please offer some guidance on how can i do it using gi_elem_vec or ge_elem_vec ?

I would be thankful for your kind guidance/response.

Best Regards,
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