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Hello! I'm new to cardiac electrophysiology simulation using open CARP. I have already performed simulations in cubic regions using the Block and BoxRegion classes, however, now I need to move my simulations to an atrial mesh and I don't know how to do that.

I would like to know a few things:

Are there any carputils classes for this purpose?

What do I need to read?

Is there any example that can help me?

Any help is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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carputils is great when you want to generate the meshes on the fly. For more complex meshes, you likely have them already as a file. The workflow then is to 

- if not already in the openCARP format, convert them (e.g. using meshtool:

- directly load the mesh with the raw openCARP command meshname (section 19.2 of the user manual:

I see that this is a frequent use case that's not covered yet by the examples on the openCARP web page. We'd be glad to see community contributions for such an example:

I created an issue for it:

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Thank you! I also think an example using custom meshes would be very helpful as it would cover specific commands for cases like this that are not present in the currently available examples.
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