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I am trying to speed up the implementation of my own eikonal model in the source code.

At the moment I am using inefficient for loops over the "con" list of the intracellular mesh to check element by element if they contain my node of interest and then I get all the nodes in each one of the elements that contain my node of interest. Before coming up with my own solution I want to check if there is something already available in the source code.

Thanks in advance


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You can use

transpose_connectivity(const vector<T> & a_cnt, const vector<T> & a_con,
                       vector<T> & b_cnt, vector<T> & b_con)

where a_cnt, would be generated from mesh.dsp with cnt_from_dsp(), a_con would be mesh.con. (b_cnt, b_con) is the graph from nodes to elements. This means, row i contains all elements connected to node i.

Best, Aurel

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