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I managed to stimulate an external heart mesh and simulate activation propagation. Now, I want to get 12-lead ECG signals resulting from my simulation. Theoretically, I am trying to solve the forward problem of ECG and I know I need a transfer matrix that I can multiply with extracellular potentials so I can get ECG signals. This transfer matrix is dependent on my heart-torso model. However, I have seen ecg class in carputils, which might be the already built-in forward model. Therefore, I wanted to ask if openCARP has already available ECG signal calculation tool?

For completeness, I want to add that I checked the Extracellular potentials and ECGs example many times, and I am not interested in transmural ECGs. I also checked the similar question and I understand what is described. I just want to make sure I am not missing an elegant and less cumbersome method instead of putting heart mesh into torso mesh and simulating that way.

In the case where I must put heart mesh into torso mesh and calculate, where am I supposed to put the electrodes that goes to legs and arms?

Thank you in advance.



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Hi Kocak,

No, there is no such method for deriving a 12-lead ECG without a torso mesh. I don't see a way how this could be done to be honest.

Regarding the electrode positions: they are normally placed on the respective shoulder / hip in modern electrocardiography. The names stem from Einthoven's days when he had to put his extremities in liquid-filled pots.
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