Video tutorials

In this section you will find a set of video tutorials that will help you to get started with openCARP. If you want to stay updated, just subscribe to the openCARP YouTube channel.

openCARP workshop 2021 - Karlsruhe


Further videos

Basic cardiac electrophysiology

Introduction to ionic models

Implementing an ionic model for openCARP with EasyML

Running single cell simulations, changing parameters and adding plug-ins

Overview of workflow - Part1

Overview of workflow - Part2

A tour through the community platform

Installing carputilsGUI on Windows

Installing carputilsGUI on macOS

carputilsGUI intro (openCARP workshop 2020)

Overview of cardiac electrophysiology simulations

History of openCARP

openCARP workshop 2021 - Sharing Experiments

openCARP workshop 2021 - Meshalyzer

Meshalyzer - 01 Basic Intro

Meshalyzer - 02 Basic Model Visualization

Meshalyzer - 03 Linking Several Visualizations

Meshalyzer - 04 Advanced Visualization

Meshalyzer - 05 Expert Visualization

Meshalyzer - 06 Auxilliary Grids

Meshalyzer - 07 Saving Images

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