6th openCARP User Meeting on Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology

November 11-13, 2024
Graz, Austria

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Highly detailed simulations of cardiac function have become feasible, but performing such simulations remains a highly non-trivial problem, as complex workflows have to be employed to build, parameterize and execute simulations. The main focus of the 6th openCARP User Meeting on Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology (November 11-13, 2023 in Graz, Austria) is to provide an overview of the current state-of-the-art in modeling cardiac electrophysiology, and to introduce and provide basic training for solving cardiac electrophysiology problems using the freely available modeling environment openCARP.

Most of the program is split in two tracks. One aimed at newcomers to the field who want to learn the basics and one aimed at users who already have a bit of experience with openCARP and want to learn about more advanced features, exchange and share experiences, and contribute to advance openCARP.


  • Present the cardiac system and its mathematical representation
  • Give an overview of the state of the art in modeling cardiac electrophysiology
  • Introduce the freely available electrophysiology modeling framework openCARP
  • Hands-on training in solving cardiac modeling problems using the openCARP environment


The openCARP User Meeting addresses researchers at all career levels (students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, senior scientists) in academia and industry with research interests in computational modeling of cardiac electrophysiology.
In addition to a beginner track with basic openCARP training, we will offer a more advanced exchange for experienced openCARP users.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop will start on 2pm on Monday, November 11 and will end around 1:30pm on Wednesday, November 13.

We will offer two tracks: a beginner's track and an advanced track. If you are familiar with the basic concepts of cardiac electrophysiology, we will acquaint you with the basics of openCARP. How to set it up, how follow the tutorials and how to design your own experiments using carputils. At the end, you should be able to set up a new cardiac electrophysiology simulation from scratch. The advanced track will be held in hackathon style where users with some experience in openCARP will tackle more advanced modeling problems and produce some new material for the community along the way.

A detailed program will be provided in early summer.

Venue and Accommodation

Detailed informatino regarding the venue and accommodation will follow early summer 2024.


Arrival by Air

The Airport Graz is served by most airlines. For more detailed information see the season flight schedule.

Alternatively, you may consider flying to Vienna Airport and take the train or bus to Graz. Both train and bus leave directly from the airport terminal. Train or bus ride takes around 3 hours.

Transport from the Airport to Graz: Schedule

Arrival by Train

Alternatively Graz can be reached by train. Railway timetable and information are found here.

Arrival by Car

To use the Austrian motorway you have to pay tolls. For more information please have a look at the ASFINAG web pages.

Registration and Contact

Registration will open late summer.

If you have any questions, please contact

Gunnar Seemann
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Email: Gunnar.Seemann@kit.edu

Supported by

via the project CARPe-diem. CARPe-diem has received funding from the German Research Foundation under grant agreement No 507828355.


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